I Used To Own A Record Label and Now It Might Finally Do Some Good

I tried to write this post six and a half years ago but it didn’t work out. Today, I’m gonna try to make this work. Here we go, in 2002 I released 3 EPs from bands that no longer exist and who’s members have gone on to work in offices. The first is PGS – Worth A Thousand Words. PGS tried to sound like New Found Glory, Blink 182, etc but sound more like a watered down Everclear. However, they were pretty popular and if it wasn’t for them I wouldn’t have started the label and the singer and I are still friends all these years later and I love them.

Do you want your Pop-Punk to have more screaming? Then enter Summer’s End and their EP The Death of Celeste Blue. This band couldn’t figure out if they wanted to be Screeching Weasel or Finch so they were both at the same time. This is only a half joke Jim the clean singer in the band was actually in this weird acoustic band with members of Screeching Weasel. Fun fact we paid a crazy amount of money to make the jewel cases for this CD blue. Then the band stole over 100 CDs from me and never paid me for them. Good times.

Finally we have the most critically acclaimed of the three releases The Blind Leading the Blind a split between The Amazing Interceptors and B.O.T. I really deep down love the songs on this split, Scott Heisel of Punknews, Alternative Press, getting out of Rockford, IL alive fame gave this split a favorable review. The song Stretched Around a Dream got played multiple times a day on Sirius and XM satellite radio’s indie stations well before anyone had a satellite radio in anything but their rental car. As a bonus we left a B.O.T. song off the split called “Attention” and that song is now available here for the first time ever. It’ll cost you $1 everything else is pay what you want.

So why am I doing this? To finally recoup the money I lost? No. I don’t expect to make $5 doing this, but we keep hearing about releases never ending up anywhere digitally for one reason or another so my first goal is to preserve this thing I did almost 2 decades ago. I’ll be able to show this page to my kids and try to explain that music used to come on shiny discs and not directly into the implant in your head. My second goal is to raise some money. EVERY CENT I make from this from now until the end of November is going to the Transgender Law Center. My hope is to change the charity monthly. My third goal is maybe release some new music. I don’t have a bucket list but if I did, releasing a vinyl record would be on it. So maybe at some point I have enough money put to the side to do that and we donate a big chunk of that money to charity as well.

Thanks for reading, here’s the link. https://beminedigital.bandcamp.com

Top 10 Albums of 2013

This was a great year for music, I felt like no one genre dominated. It also seems like the mainstream media and even some mainstream listeners were crossing boundaries and listening to musical styles they would typically ignore. There was so much music this year that even artists I really like I didn’t get a chance to fully listen to their albums. This top 10 evolved more than any top 10 I’ve ever worked on. I eventually had to remove albums with songs I really really loved because I didn’t love them as albums. There’s a lot of great stuff missing so at the end I’ll include an expanded honorable mention section.

After each entry I’ll include a Spotify link so you can listen to the album but if you’re lazy I also made a playlist of my 10 favorite songs from my top 10. I’ll leave that link at the end of the list. Feel free to leave some comments and share your favorite albums with me.


10. Venna – Third Generation Hymnal (Broken Cricles) 


Third Genration Hymnal blew 2013 wide open by releasing in the first couple weeks of January. It wasn’t going to take me much convincing to like an album made by ex-members of The Felix Culpa but I was enamored with this release even after the first listen. Venna know exactly when to let a song breathe and when to let it exhale. The songs shift from soft ballad to rollicking acoustic number effortlessly. Unfortunately the band hung it up in August but at least they left us with this incredible album.

Spotify Link: Venna – Third Generation Hymnal

9. Earl Sweatshirt – Doris (Columbia/Tan Cressida/Odd Future Records)


We all know the story of Earl Sweatshirt and his hotly anticipated 2nd album Doris. The only real question was would it deliver. It did, without a doubt. Earl raps over the dark twisted beats that Odd Future was known for when they were just kids making music on their own terms. Doris is a completely unorthodox hip-hop album. He routinely lets the guests rap first, segues are bizarre dark interludes, and the content is often in the vein of traditional hip-hop. The result is kind of genius, like a fun house mirror version of mainstream rap. Hopefully we don’t have to wait 4 years for the next album from Earl Sweatshirt because he has a lot of game changing to do.

Spotify Link: Earl Sweatshirt – Doris

8. Defeater – Letters Home (Bridge 9)

Letters Home

Defeater’s last album featured a 4 song acoustic epilogue and dare I say it some catchy tunes. They could have gone soft, made something even more accessible instead they got more aggressive. Letters Home is a blistering love letter (pun intended) to the genre they came up in. Singer Derek Archambault’s vocals are set to full grit sandpaper and the band almost never relents. Your ears rarely get a chance to relax during the album’s quickly moving ten tracks. Don’t expect an acoustic epilogue, don’t expect a catchy chorus, just expect one of the best hardcore albums of 2013.

Spotify Link: Defeater – Letters Home

7. The Front Bottoms -Talon of the Hawk (Bar/None Records)

The Front Bottoms

Once you get passed their silly name, you’ll find their mostly silly music. Talon of the Hawk is 12 tracks of instantly unforgettable folk-dance-pop-punk. These songs bored their way into my head and never left for weeks. I spent whole train rides to and from work playing this album front to back. If you’re looking for an album that you can throw on and not think about too hard while the world passes you by you could do a lot worse than this.

Spotify Link: The Front Bottoms – Talon Of The Hawk

6. Deafheaven – Sunbather (Deathwish) 


No other album this year crosses genres harder than Sunbather. Do you like metal? Do you like instrumental post-rock? Do you like good music? Stop what you’re doing and give your ears the sonic treat that is Sunbather. Give yourself an hour and a good pair of headphones you’re about to take a trip and you don’t want any distractions. Deafheaven has crafted an absolute crowning achievement in whatever weird genre they have carved out for themselves. This album is absolutely worthy of all the accolades it has received from all across the music press.

Spotify Link: Deafheaven – Sunbather

5. Mixtapes – Ordinary Silence (No Sleep Records)


Last year Mixtapes put out my 4th favorite album “Even on the Worst Nights”. It was their debut album and was a fun giddy blast of male-female dual vocal pop-punk. Well, honestly that’s exactly what you get on their second album. But they have matured perfectly. The songs are better, the lyrics are better, the musicianship is great, the band has upped their game in every way. There’s no reason these guys shouldn’t be huge especially if they keep this up on their next album.

Spotify Link: Mixtapes – Ordinary Silence

4. Fall Out Boy – Save Rock and Roll (Island-Def Jam) 


There was no way in a million years one of the biggest rock bands in the world was going to come back from a self-imposed hiatus and make a good record. Especially after putting out 2 messy albums. Anyone who listened to Folie a Deux could tell that Fall Out Boy was headed towards an implosion. The album tried to merge genres but it was clear this was due to infighting in the band. On Save Rock and Roll, Fall Out Boy sound like the most confident band in the world, like they were always supposed to be a dance-rock band. It may not sound like old Fall Out Boy, but it sounds like the best Fall Out Boy for the year 2013.

Spotify Link: Fall Out Boy – Save Rock And Roll

3. Tyler, the Creator – Wolf (Odd Future Records) 


You either love him or hate him, but Tyler, the Creator released the most creative hip-hop album of the year. That is as long as you went into this knowing it was the final part of the trilogy Tyler started with this 2009 debut “Bastard”. This is by far Tyler’s best work. His production work is at a point where I’m sure some rappers would just wish Tyler would quit rapping and produce beats for them. The lyrics range from his silliest to his most deadly serious. And of course Wolf is part of the overarching narrative that has permeated all 3 of Tyler’s albums. And when you get to the end of  Wolf and you realize exactly what has happened and where this album fits into the trilogy you kind of just have to sit down and shake your head. How did this kid get so smart?

Spotify Link: Tyler, The Creator – Wolf

2. The World is a Beautiful Place and I’m No Longer Afraid to Die – Whenever, if Ever (Topshelf Records)

whenever if ever

It took these guys 3 years to create and release their debut album and every second of it feels like its been meticulously planned. Its nearly impossible for me to start at the first track and not listen all the way through to the end. This was very very nearly my album of the year because its just fucking perfect. While this isn’t my number 1 album I can’t recommend it highly enough. Call these guys indie rock, post-hardcore, emo revival whatever just give this album a chance. Whenever, if Ever is an emotional ride that hasn’t been attempted since emo rock’s heyday. It blows me away every time I listen to it. Every piano key tickle, every lyric, every drum beat is placed so deliberately I find myself listening with my jaw open. These guys are incredible and if it takes them 5 years to make another album I won’t care as long as they do.

Spotify Link: Whenever, If Ever

1. Touché Amoré – Is Survived By (Deathwish) 


Touche Amore is my favorite band. This was my most anticipated album all year. It lived up to all the hype and then some. While its not nearly as cohesive as “Whenever, if Ever” the lyrical content hit me in a perfect place at the right moment in my life. The band’s musicianship is at all time high. It’s produced and mixed perfectly. These guys could be a huge huge heavy rock band based on this album. Is Survived By is all at once sweeping, epic, aggressive, and emotional. No band is bending the hardcore genre to their will like Touche Amore and they are gaining fans by the thousands every day. See these guys on their next tour because next time it might be in an arena, or while standing in a huge field.

Spotify Link: Touché Amoré – Is Survived By

Honorable Mention:

Balance and Composure “The Things We Think We’re Missing”
Kanye West “Yeezus”
Dowsing “I Don’t Even Care Anymore”
Sainthood Reps “Headswell”
The Wonder Years “The Greatest Generation”
Justin Timberlake “The 20/20 Experience Parts 1 and 2”
Into It. Over It. “Intersections”
Shone “Heat Thing”
The Fold “Moving Past”

Top 10 Albums of 2013 Playlist: Top 10 of 2013

I Am A Very Important Business Man!

Once a month or so my company sends me to Ohio to work at one of our remote sites. Sometimes I’ll bring back a little trinket or souvenir for my wife but this time I came back with something much worse. While I’m no doctor I either have food poisoning or a bad stomach bug. It started Wednesday night after I ate dinner. My stomach started making all sorts of noises like liquid being pushed through a tube. I then spent the next five hours in the bathroom. The mess I left for housekeeping wasn’t pretty.

I had to leave for the airport an hour after my body decided that there wasn’t much else for me to expel at great velocity from one of my ends. Then with no sleep I made the hour drive from the hotel to the airport. I somehow made it through my flight home without grossing out all the passengers. A couple of hours later I was home and asleep and slept well into Thursday. I’m very slowly recovering and even worked from home today. I ate some ramen noodles, my first “meal” since Wednesday night which seems promising. Also, do you guys realize how delicious Gatorade is? I’ve had so much Gatorade.

Basically this charming story also serves as an excuse for why I haven’t updated the blog since…..I LAUNCHED IT. If dehydration doesn’t end me I’ll be sure to throw something up tomorrow.

Ummm…..I mean….write a blog tomorow….

My New Home On The Web

Welcome to my new blog. I could assume that you know who I am, but let’s assume you know nothing about me. My name is Jim Plachy and I have started countless personal blogs. Probably half a dozen Blogger sites, an AOL Hometown blog, and even a couple of Tumblrs have all bared my name. In 2009 I co-founded the video game website Four Player Co-op after realizing that video games were something I was more than passionate about. In the Summer of 2011 I was offered a job that would get in the way of my working on Four Player Co-op and I took the job and walked away from the site. I continue to host the Bullshot! podcast an infrequently recorded show about video games and technology. It is meant to be humorous and more like listening to two good friends bullshit about being nerds. I enjoy doing it and it appears that some people enjoy listening to it.

Before that I was in the music business. I interned for a couple of major record labels and even owned my own record label. Needless to say when people stopped buying music the bottom fell out and I had nowhere left to go. So while video games appear to be my main passion I am also very passionate about music. It is definitely the first thing I really nerded out about in my life. You will definitely see me posting about music quite frequently starting with my best music of 2011 post coming soon.

So why start a new blog? Well anyone who follows me on Twitter knows that I have a lot to say. I felt like I needed a permanent place to put my more longform thoughts and while I had a Tumblr I didn’t really enjoy the interface. I’m definitely an advanced user and I really enjoy WordPress so the timing felt right to launch a new blog. Also buying yourname.com is a pretty cool feeling.

I couldn’t have done this without some help. Telegraphics Inc is hosting my site and obtained my domain name. The photo of me at the top of this post was taken by Tiffany Warren and then Eli Hodapp ran it through his computron to make it look better. Thanks to them, and thanks to you for reading.