I Used To Own A Record Label and Now It Might Finally Do Some Good

I tried to write this post six and a half years ago but it didn’t work out. Today, I’m gonna try to make this work. Here we go, in 2002 I released 3 EPs from bands that no longer exist and who’s members have gone on to work in offices. The first is PGS – Worth A Thousand Words. PGS tried to sound like New Found Glory, Blink 182, etc but sound more like a watered down Everclear. However, they were pretty popular and if it wasn’t for them I wouldn’t have started the label and the singer and I are still friends all these years later and I love them.

Do you want your Pop-Punk to have more screaming? Then enter Summer’s End and their EP The Death of Celeste Blue. This band couldn’t figure out if they wanted to be Screeching Weasel or Finch so they were both at the same time. This is only a half joke Jim the clean singer in the band was actually in this weird acoustic band with members of Screeching Weasel. Fun fact we paid a crazy amount of money to make the jewel cases for this CD blue. Then the band stole over 100 CDs from me and never paid me for them. Good times.

Finally we have the most critically acclaimed of the three releases The Blind Leading the Blind a split between The Amazing Interceptors and B.O.T. I really deep down love the songs on this split, Scott Heisel of Punknews, Alternative Press, getting out of Rockford, IL alive fame gave this split a favorable review. The song Stretched Around a Dream got played multiple times a day on Sirius and XM satellite radio’s indie stations well before anyone had a satellite radio in anything but their rental car. As a bonus we left a B.O.T. song off the split called “Attention” and that song is now available here for the first time ever. It’ll cost you $1 everything else is pay what you want.

So why am I doing this? To finally recoup the money I lost? No. I don’t expect to make $5 doing this, but we keep hearing about releases never ending up anywhere digitally for one reason or another so my first goal is to preserve this thing I did almost 2 decades ago. I’ll be able to show this page to my kids and try to explain that music used to come on shiny discs and not directly into the implant in your head. My second goal is to raise some money. EVERY CENT I make from this from now until the end of November is going to the Transgender Law Center. My hope is to change the charity monthly. My third goal is maybe release some new music. I don’t have a bucket list but if I did, releasing a vinyl record would be on it. So maybe at some point I have enough money put to the side to do that and we donate a big chunk of that money to charity as well.

Thanks for reading, here’s the link. https://beminedigital.bandcamp.com