Glassvember 2017 – Half Acre The Big North 2016 Taster Glass

This is the “taster glass” from the first annual Half Acre The Big North party. My assumption is that every thing before the “bowl” is the taster portion. However, at this party every pour was to the top. From Daisy Cutter to every 13% ABV barrel-aged beer my glass and everyone else’s was filled nearly to the brim. I did not last long at this party and left after I believe less than two hours.

What would drag me away from a Half Acre party? 3 things. 1. My brain was screaming at me to leave this place before I inflicted alcohol poisoning on myself. 2. The Frank Ocean album came out and there was a pop-up shop for his magazine three miles away. 3. When a Half Acre party start a Half Acre party don’t stop.

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