Glassvember 2017 – Brewery Ommegang Game of Thrones Goblet

I have never seen a full episode of Game of Thrones. However, I did buy a bottle of one of Brewery Ommegang’s Game of Thrones beers. At checkout I was given this glass. It has served me well. I like to drink stouts out of it. It makes me feel like Winter is Coming or Hold the Door or I drink and I know things or something from Game of Thrones. Thanks for the free glass.

Glassvember 2017 – Goose Island 25th Anniversary Nonic Pint

This glass arrived at my house one day. I did not order it. No one told me it was shipped to me it just showed up. I believe it is haunted. I do not use it. I have tried to break it. It will not break. I have moved twice while in possession of this glass. Twice I have not packed it. Twice it has ended up in my cabinet. Please, please someone at Goose Island explain this glass to me. Are they all like that? Or is it just mine?

Pretty nice glass, even if I didn’t ask for it. Bet an ESB would taste delicious in it. But as mentioned previously I refuse to use it.

Glassvember 2017 – Half Acre The Big North 2016 Taster Glass

This is the “taster glass” from the first annual Half Acre The Big North party. My assumption is that every thing before the “bowl” is the taster portion. However, at this party every pour was to the top. From Daisy Cutter to every 13% ABV barrel-aged beer my glass and everyone else’s was filled nearly to the brim. I did not last long at this party and left after I believe less than two hours.

What would drag me away from a Half Acre party? 3 things. 1. My brain was screaming at me to leave this place before I inflicted alcohol poisoning on myself. 2. The Frank Ocean album came out and there was a pop-up shop for his magazine three miles away. 3. When a Half Acre party start a Half Acre party don’t stop.

Glassvember 2017 – Little Goat Diner Tulip Glass

Pardon the bad pics I’m working on it as you can tell by my makeshift studio. A few years ago we had some beers over at Little Goat Diner and then walked across the street to “Big Goat” to have a dinner in honor of the anniversary of my birth. At dinner my wife handed me a brown paper bag that had this glass in it. I use it a lot for drinking Saisons and Double IPAs. Anything that I know needs to express its aroma.

I have a lot of great memories of trying beers at Little Goat and eating incredible meals at Girl and the Goat. This glass is the perfect reminder of all those times.

Glassvember 2017 – Wheaton Ale Fest 2012 Shaker Pint

Here’s the first pint glass I ever got from my first ever beer festival. Me and a couple of friends went out to the Wheaton Ale Fest in 2012 and I decided to try every IPA I could. They all pretty much tasted the same until I saw a booth with a raised fist. I wandered over and for the first time I had Revolution Anti-Hero IPA. It had such a unique hop bite that was different from the west-coast IPAs I had been drinking all day.

For some reason I’ve never gone back to the Wheaton Ale Fest but this glass reminds me of what a good time I had at my first beer festival trying so many beers from so many breweries I would go on to love.