The Not Your Father’s Root Beer Drinking Game!

Don’t be fooled ladies and gentleman this is not a drinking game FOR Not Your Father’s Root Beer it is a drinking game ABOUT Not Your Father’s Root Beer. People’s reactions to this malternative beverage is hilarious. And the best place to check it out is Untappd. Here’s how you play the game. Go on Untappd. Type in Not Your Father’s Root Beer and search for the 5.9% version. Click on it and read people’s comments about it. Then follow along with this guide but be warned you are going to get very drunk very fast. This game IS DANGEROUS!!!

Start here:

Take 1 drink when….
You see the word Dangerous
You see the word Delicious
Someone made a root beer float
Someone uses more than 3 exclamation points
Someone says it’s too sweet
Someone says you can only have one
Someone compares it to regular root beer(IBC, Barqs, Dad’s, etc)

Take 2 drinks when….
Someone is surprised it tastes like root beer
Someone complains about the aftertaste
Someone can’t believe there is alcohol in it
Someone likes this but not root beer

Take 3 drinks when….
Someone can’t believe it’s beer(its not!)
Someone earns the Newbie badge on check in
Someone says how bad they need the 10% or 19.5% version
Someone says they can taste the beer

And when someone says its their favorite beer…..

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