The 5 Bands You Must See At Riot Fest Chicago 2014 – Saturday

Here are the bands I think you should see at Riot Fest Chicago on Saturday.

1. Saosin – 3:30pm Rock Stage


I told you Anthony Green would show up on this list again. For those who don’t know, when Saosin first emerged around 2003 they were fronted by Green. They found success on a self-released EP called Translating the Name. They were being courted by major labels and Anthony got cold feet and split. After years of do they like each other, do they hate each other we finally have a reunion. This could be a once in a lifetime event I wouldn’t skip it.

2. Say Anything – 4:45pm Rock Stage

Photo by Chris Martin
Photo by Chris Martin

Say Anything was supposed to play Riot Fest last year but had to back out. I imagine that if you’re a fan and you went last year this is a must see set for you since it’s a make up. For everyone else these guys know how to command a stage and have a huge back catalog of catchy songs. They also have a new album out that features……no guitars. I for one want to see how they pull them off live.

3. Taking Back Sunday – 8:45pm Rock Stage

Photo by Brenna Rushing
Photo by Brenna Rushing

Last year Taking Back Sunday played one of the smaller side stages and amassed a crowd just as large as anything on the main stages. This year they play on what appears to be another one of the “smaller” stages but with Riot Fest’s new layout there may not be much of a difference seeing as how dozens of acres have been added. Either way they put on a hell of a performance for one of the largest audiences at Riot Fest 2013. No reason to believe this year will be any different.

4. The World is a Beautiful Place and I’m No Longer Afraid to Die – 3:00pm Revolt Stage

world is a beautiful

The World is a Beautiful Place… put out one of the best albums of 2013 Whenever, if Ever. They also do whatever they want however they want live. They are a constantly rotating group of musicians. Sometimes there’s a spoken word dude with them, sometimes there isn’t. This is going to be one of the most spontaneous and heartfelt sets of the weekend and I wouldn’t miss it for anything.

5. Wu-Tang Clan – 6:15pm Roots Stage

wu tangWhile they will most likely be the most ironically watched set of the weekend how do you not catch at least a little bit of Wu-Tang? After listening to nothing but rock music all afternoon you’re going to need a palate cleanser and I can’t think of anything better than the legendary Wu-Tang Clan. Maybe they’ll even let us look at that 1 of 1 edition album they made.


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