Top 10 Video Games of 2013

Unfortunately a grueling work schedule combined with taking care of a newborn prevented me from playing everything I wanted to last year. I also didn’t get a Playstation 4 which prevented any of those games from making my list. But here are my 10 favorite games that I played in 2013. Enjoy!

10. Bioshock Infinite – Xbox 360/PS3/PC (2K Games/Irrational Games) 

bioshock infinite

There were so many things we wanted Bioshock Infinite to be. What it ended up being was a bold attempt at telling a complicated narrative. Unfortunately the game wasn’t all that great. And honestly, the story wasn’t all that amazing either. In the end the game is just kind of alright. Alright enough to be number 10 on my list. I look forward to what Ken Levine and his team are working on next, but I hope they can get out from under the shadow of Bioshock.

9. The Stanley Parable – PC (Galactic Cafe) 

Stanley Parable

The Stanley Parable is the definition of indie game quirkiness. Its not really a game. Its more like an experiment. The Stanley Parable is a satire of video games. It makes fun of the industry, genres, storytelling, nearly everything about video games gets skewered. Its worth spending a couple of hours in The Stanley Parable’s weird world.

8. Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon – Nintendo 3DS (Nintendo/Next Level Games)

luigis mansion

Luigi’s Mansion made me fall in love with Nintendo all over again. I didn’t buy a single Wii U game in 2013 and this was the only 3DS game I bought. I felt like I was done with Nintendo, disappointed in my Wii U but Nintendo still rules first party titles. Luigi’s Mansion has all the charms of a classic Nintendo game. The attention to detail, the sense of wonder, and thanks to the 3D I truly felt I was in Luigi’s world. When Nintendo said 2013 was the year of Luigi they meant it. Welcome to my top 10 buddy.

7. Warhammer Quest – iOS (Rodeo Games) 

Warhammer Quest

Warhammer Quest is on my list for completely selfish reasons. It’s nothing but nostalgia for me. I spent days playing the board game when I was a kid and Rodeo Games’ version is a faithful recreation.  I truly felt like a kid again playing Warhammer Quest. My iPad transported me to my past. I played no game on iOS in 2013 more than this one. There are dozens of hours of content in this game but throw in reasonably priced expansion packs and you could turn your iOS device into a Warhammer machine. You can feel the love the developers have for this game and I had no problem giving it right back.

6. Kentucky Route Zero – PC (Cardboard Computer) 

kentucky route zero

This is a weird one, because honestly the game isn’t done. Only 2 of the game’s 5 acts have been released but honestly its enough for it make my list. I am absolutely enamored with every part of this game. The sound design, the look, the way it plays, everything about Kentucky Route Zero is pretty incredible. These guys are great story tellers and I can’t wait to see what’s next. Not only the rest of Kentucky Route Zero but what incredible things they have up their sleeves after this.

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