Top 10 Most Pretentious Moments in Pitchfork’s Guest List of 2012

Every year Pitchfork ends their Best Of coverage with the “guest list“. They ask any artists deemed worthy for a best of list for 2012. What they get back are some of the most ridiculous and pretentious lists you’ll ever read. Here are the 10 most pretentious moments and lists.

10. A large chunk of the artists can’t even be bothered to come up with 10 things. Now, I know they weren’t asked specifically for 10 things, but come on. 

9. The Antlers’ Peter Silberman’s Other Year’s Top Albums. Seriously. He named albums from not 2012. 

8. Merchandise name their top “taypes_2012” and have the balls to write (Self Released) after many of them. Wow! Really? 

7. Sky Ferreira names her “top everything” manages to think of 4 things. 

6. Eleanor Freidberger’s “Most Played Songs” many of them are not from this year. 

5. Chairlifts’ Caroline Polacheck names her “Brain-Melt Moments Had to 2012 Releases” names 2 from 2011, but also names her list “Brain-Melt Moments”. 

4. Most of the lists are specifically written as “in no order” and then don’t include numbers. THANKS FOR THE HEADS UP! 

3. Mount Eerie’s Phil Elverum’s List of Top Things to do on Tour includes the gems “Not Listening to Music”, how much fun it is to go to a movie theater and watch snippets of all the bad movies, and “watching the world from the post-sauna perspective”.

2. Doldrums’ Best of 2012 features 2 number 10’s rather than call anything number 1. 

1. The Mountain Goats’ John Darnielle’s TOP FIVE GENRES OF 2012 IN JOHN DARNIELLE’S KITCHEN