I Am A Very Important Business Man!

Once a month or so my company sends me to Ohio to work at one of our remote sites. Sometimes I’ll bring back a little trinket or souvenir for my wife but this time I came back with something much worse. While I’m no doctor I either have food poisoning or a bad stomach bug. It started Wednesday night after I ate dinner. My stomach started making all sorts of noises like liquid being pushed through a tube. I then spent the next five hours in the bathroom. The mess I left for housekeeping wasn’t pretty.

I had to leave for the airport an hour after my body decided that there wasn’t much else for me to expel at great velocity from one of my ends. Then with no sleep I made the hour drive from the hotel to the airport. I somehow made it through my flight home without grossing out all the passengers. A couple of hours later I was home and asleep and slept well into Thursday. I’m very slowly recovering and even worked from home today. I ate some ramen noodles, my first “meal” since Wednesday night which seems promising. Also, do you guys realize how delicious Gatorade is? I’ve had so much Gatorade.

Basically this charming story also serves as an excuse for why I haven’t updated the blog since…..I LAUNCHED IT. If dehydration doesn’t end me I’ll be sure to throw something up tomorrow.

Ummm…..I mean….write a blog tomorow….

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