My New Home On The Web

Welcome to my new blog. I could assume that you know who I am, but let’s assume you know nothing about me. My name is Jim Plachy and I have started countless personal blogs. Probably half a dozen Blogger sites, an AOL Hometown blog, and even a couple of Tumblrs have all bared my name. In 2009 I co-founded the video game website Four Player Co-op after realizing that video games were something I was more than passionate about. In the Summer of 2011 I was offered a job that would get in the way of my working on Four Player Co-op and I took the job and walked away from the site. I continue to host the Bullshot! podcast an infrequently recorded show about video games and technology. It is meant to be humorous and more like listening to two good friends bullshit about being nerds. I enjoy doing it and it appears that some people enjoy listening to it.

Before that I was in the music business. I interned for a couple of major record labels and even owned my own record label. Needless to say when people stopped buying music the bottom fell out and I had nowhere left to go. So while video games appear to be my main passion I am also very passionate about music. It is definitely the first thing I really nerded out about in my life. You will definitely see me posting about music quite frequently starting with my best music of 2011 post coming soon.

So why start a new blog? Well anyone who follows me on Twitter knows that I have a lot to say. I felt like I needed a permanent place to put my more longform thoughts and while I had a Tumblr I didn’t really enjoy the interface. I’m definitely an advanced user and I really enjoy WordPress so the timing felt right to launch a new blog. Also buying is a pretty cool feeling.

I couldn’t have done this without some help. Telegraphics Inc is hosting my site and obtained my domain name. The photo of me at the top of this post was taken by Tiffany Warren and then Eli Hodapp ran it through his computron to make it look better. Thanks to them, and thanks to you for reading.

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